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Dr. Benjamin Miers is currently a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 11 years in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. He specializes in working with many populations from youth to professional and Olympic athletes through many certifications from Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Dr. Miers has transitioned into transformative healing through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), sound and crystal healing, esoteric traditions, and combining philosophies from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. He is a certified Reiki Master and is currently practicing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ben enjoys studying and practicing astrology, neuroscience, bio-hacking, human longevity, tarot, mediumship, and channelling.



Divine intervention led Juliana to the beginning of her healing journey in the fall of 2003, where she now dedicates time and energy in supporting others to discover their own spiritual path.


After a profound experience attending a wellness conference in 2018 and returning home, Juliana dedicated time learning the healing art of Reiki and completed 60+ hours of Yoga Nidra training in Canada with Jana Roemer.

Through Reiki energy healing and Yoga Nidra, she has broadened her own spiritual practice. Witnessing the ripple effect in the lives of others and her own,  Juliana now trusts “everybody and everything is energy.” 


Juliana’s life experience reinforces her vision and mission to awaken an energy and empower her clients to discover unique gifts and abilities within, aligning to their divine purpose.


Juliana is also an Ann Arbor, Michigan native, making her way to Colorado in spring of 2022. She has found a way to integrate healing services to her 20+ year career as a stylist and makeup artist in Michigan as well.


Tiffanie finds deep joy in helping others through intuitive readings, mediumship sessions, reiki healings, soul retrieval, past life regression experiences and intuitive coaching development. Her mission in this lifetime is to help others learn to sharpen and master their own abilities.

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