You play an important role in the Ascension of humanity by dismantling old belief systems, raising vibrations and helping to Gaia ascend to dimensions greater than 5D. Heaven on Earth is here. You are stepping into your Divine Flow of Creation. 

That doesn't make it easy. In fact, some of our paths have been hard AF. And yet, you are still here. Why? Because you are needed right here (yes, here on Earth), right now. There was a time when I could not handle being in this body. I didn't understand my humaness. I have since gained a better understanding of our mission by working with many guides, including the Galactic Federation of Light. The level of toxicity I put in my body. It's a miracle I am still here, and my eyes fill with tears of gratitude as I write these words and have the honor to hold space in this program and support each of you. We are in this body for a reason. We are in the process of a mass awakening. Many of us feel that on all levels. It's who we choose to be after coming to terms with the truth. It's time to come together and bring our gifts and power together for the greatest and highest good of all. We are calling souls who vibrate with these truths.


We are in it right now. The Great Awakening. We are experiencing shifts at tremendous speeds as more awaken. We need as many of us to be activated and prepared to help play their role and fulfill their mission. Please trust that your gifts will be needed in big ways.