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8 Week Series 

Starting  April 6 5PST
The code to living on this Earth in full embodiment is not through the brilliant path of your mind but rather the experience of being in your resilient body. 
You are here as a highly evolved Soul who's come to fulfill a purpose.
As Starseeds, the Ascension journey we move through can be a challenging and lonely experience.
Now more than ever, Starseeds like you need support, connection and like - minded community who gets you, sees you and understands you on a deeper level. 

The Starseed Ascension Series was built for Starseeds who want to be emerged in Community.


This  journey GETS to be filled with fun, joy, LOVE, acceptance, magic, manifestations, big purpose, and being all of who you truly are!


Many Starseeds right now are having a difficult time. 

It's been increasingly challenging to see the good in the world, to remember their mission and to be hopeful for a better future for all.


Starseeds have felt disconnected from their body, feeling pain and tension. They have felt disconnected from others, feeling misunderstood as if they are living alone on this planet.


Quite simply, many have considered leaving, abandoning their big purpose all together. They know they are brilliant, but it just feels too hard sometimes. 


Yet, there is something keeping you here


A higher calling, a higher - frequency.

 A glimpse of ease and a light radiating their own brilliance.


From time to time they find those who get them, and it feels like bliss. 



Learn more about the benevolent ETs here to assist us in Ascension

Tap into higher frequencies to channel guides AND to integrate the new light-codes into the body 


Reconnect with the star family to receive guidance and inspiration, and to embody HOME within so you can activate into your mission


All around feel inspired and excited to create magic in your life THROUGH your own power and use your own physical vessel as an intuitive guide​


As Starseeds, we are being lead to our highest-frequency.

Series Event Calendar

Thursday, 4/6 5pm PST

Welcome Introductions/Ascension Updates and Starseed Origins 

Jamie Vos Love, Ascension Mentor

​We will explore various Star Systems, Starseed lineages and Galactic histories. Which ones resonate with you? Perhaps many. Perhaps all. We will journey to some of the star systems to see what downloads, activations, upgrades or messages may be present for you or the collective.

Thursday, 4/13  5pm PST

 Connecting with your Star Families and Protect yourself from Lower Frequency Entities

Lyra Rae, Princess of Pleiades, Spiritual Therapist

Now that you have an idea of the different Starseed types, Lyra will help you connect to your Star Families and help ease any fear around any negative energies that you are potentially bringing into your field. She will help with discernment and methods of protection while tuning into the frequency of our benevolent Star Families and Allies. 

Thursday, 4/20 5pm PST

 Galactic Sound Healing with Rachelle Belleci

Followed by Remote Viewing

Rachelle will lead us on a Galactic Sound Healing Journey and then Jamie will guide us through an interplanetary remote viewing experience to meet with our Star Families. 

Thursday, 4/27 5pm PST


Thursday, 5/4 5pm PST 

The Stargate Experience  

Terri Sena, Stargate Facilitator and Channel for Alcazar

The Stargate experience will introduce you to a totally new way of evolving your own consciousness. It is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in rapid expansion of human consciousness. The energies can create past life remembering and re-activvation of psychic gifts. It can enable participants to access wisdom from other dimensional realities, and to actually feel and/or see benevolent high energy beings, ascended masters, and various Star Families. All these experiences come by raising the vibrational frequency, a process that reactivates dormant, multidimensional DNA. The DNA holds the key to who you are, have been and how your physical structure works - your part and purpose and ability to communicate with sprit spirit. 


5pm PST  Upgrading our Galactic DNA, Star Ancestors/History, and Ascension Support

​Divination comes in many forms and can be utilized for many purposes. Whether it’s a deeper understanding of yourself and psyche, help with making life decisions, the ability to open channels of communicating with your Guides, or the ability to offer readings to others that you seek, there is no doubt a type of divination that will speak most deeply to you. Together we will discuss different types and ways to explore Divination and help you discover which one resonates with you and your spiritual practice.


5pm PST   What is the Earth High Council, Interplanetary (IP) High Council and Angelic High Council w/ Dr. Linda Backman

We are thrilled to have Dr. Backman return to go even deeper into the Earth, IP and Angelic Soul types by sharing her knowledge of the three High Councils and their respective roles. 


5pm PST   Cosmic Readings w/ Jamie Vos Love

Each one of you will receive a personal reading, and then we will close with aa high vibrational frequency attunement.



Beginning April 6

The ascension path was created with EXTRAORDINARY teachers, and it will partly be channeled as we go (because in energy we trust). 

They will carry the keys and be instrumental in your success as a joyful being on Earth at this time. 

We would be delighted to guide you on this journey and your path.

You don't have to do this alone and it CAN be fun. 

This Series includes Expert Special Guest Guides, Star Family Community Access, Connection, Expansion, and so much more.

Starseed Ascension Series

If you are ready, click the link below to grab your spot

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