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Earth and Space
The3D Matrix

Rise Above 

As we Ascend to 5D+^ consciousness, now more than ever we must come into alignment.

We agreed long ago to help remind people who they are and to redistribute an important message, one song, the song of love. The time has come to fulfill our sacred contract with the Divine. It is a critical time here on Earth. We are beginning to recognize this as we awaken to the understanding that there is more beyond our world. We are not alone. Galactics are assisting with our Ascension with support from the Divine. They would like you to know there is nothing to fear, and that it is really quite amazing. The time to share is now. The time to align is now. 

Our Galactic DNA

Meeting our Star Family

Moving Beyond the Barriers of Limitation.

Are you aware of your past lives and soul origin? 

Have you aligned with the magnitude of your true power? We are remembering our past to help us remember the mission. Invite the wisdom and knowledge of your star ancestors. It's time to connect, activate, be seen and remember who you truly are. Open your mind to realize you have the power to choose and activate higher consciousness realities. A veil has been laid like a thick fog over your consciousness for many reasons. That veil is being lifted, and it is helping us remember all lifetimes. The time to align is now. 

Soul Purpose


Bringing Heaven to Earth with your Starseed Gifts

At this time your most important task is to embody the vibration of your home frequency. You are meant to be here. You have a purpose. Healing, manifesting, telepathy, reading energy fields; These and so much more are your innate abilities. Freedom. Limitlessness. We are waking up. We have been controlled, manipulated, influenced and encumbered for too long. You are not alone.  You have a choice. The good news is that we are successful together, as a team. It's time to fully awaken to the truth and remember who you are. Are you ready? 

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