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Cosmic Curriculum

Connecting with our Galactic Guides with Jamie Vos Love 

As multidimensional beings, we have the ability to connect with off-planetary beings of light who can help us navigate the great shift we are experiencing on Earth right now. Our Galactic teams are here to assist as we anchor light and step into our role as Ascension Guides ourselves. 

Past Lives, Soul Origin and Your Life Purpose with Psychologist, Author, and Regression Therapist, Dr. Linda Backman

As a soul we come into body on Earth for the simple but not always easy purpose to advance humanity. We also come into body to evolve as a soul. We all have past lives which relates directly to soul origin. So how do you discover your past lives, how do you know that they are showing up in your current life, and what does that have to do with soul origin? There are 3 different types of souls that are created in the Universe. One is a soul created to incarnate primarily on Earth called an Earth-Based Soul. Then there are souls created to incarnate somewhere other than on Earth called Interplanetary Souls. Then there is a third type created to incarnate in the Angelic realm. I'm going to show you how you discover your past lives, how they show up in your current life, and how you know if you are an Earth-Based Soul, an Interplanetary Soul or an Angelic Realm Soul? How does this affect you? How does this make you unique? What are your gifts? What are your challenges? Why did you come to Earth? What's your purpose? How are you doing with accomplishing your intentions as you move through your current life, discovering more and more about who you are? 

Embodying Light into the Human Body and Cosmic Sound Journey with Healer, Jane Mayer

We will explore what it looks like to integrate light from the highest dimensions of the cosmos down into the physical body. As people who come to this planet and are deeply sensitive and carry lifetimes of information in our DNA, it is often challenging for us on a somatic level in the body to begin the process of allowing the true frequencies of light, truth and fierce love to enter and integrate all the way down to the DNA. As we journey together with Cosmic sound through the Quantum field, we are going to regather the light we carried across space and time and integrate them into physical form and hold space for this in our body as they shake and release, allowing us to hold space for the light we are here to ground on Planet Earth. 

Light Language Activation with Celestial Shaman, Angelica Grace

Experience the language of light firsthand through body, heart, & soul in this online group light language activation workshop. We will bring through light codes, speaking, signing, moving & drawing. These codes of light activate ancient knowledge & re-pattern programming, supporting us in our personal & planetary ascension. We will discuss what light language is & will use music, body movement & more to tap into the energy. No prior experience with light language is necessary. The workshop is comparable to a combination art class, sound healing experience, & active meditation. Have some paper and colored pens/pencils on hand. A drum and noisemakers are suggested but not required. 

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Khu - The Egyptian Star Codes and Star Family Activation with Cosmic Priestess, Andye Murphy

Khu - The Egyptian Star Codes: The Khu is the storehouse, after the human experience. It is the ascension vehicle that brings us into the other stargates to either go home or manifest into other galaxies.  Star Family Activation: We will do a star lineage activation and work with the idea of calling in your soul family to you now. We need this as we go into 2021. We will need each other. We need to come together because it is in these pods of energy where we will really begin to move humanity forward. You are the one we have been waiting for. You are the one will remember first and show the rest how to do it. 


11/1 Connecting with our Guides and Channeling the Collective, Jamie Vos Love
11/4 Past Lives, Soul Origin and Your Life Purpose, Dr. Linda Backman 
11/11 Khu - The Egyptian Star Codes, Andye Murphy 
11/18 Light Language Activation and Training, Angelica Grace
11/22 Embodying the Light in the Human Body and Cosmic Sound, Jane Mayer
12/6 Cosmic Readings with Ashley Rose and Jamie Vos Love
12/13 Star Family Activation, Andye Murphy  
12/21 Solstice Celebration and Gifts, All 
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