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Jamie Vos Love is an internationally renowned channeler, psychic medium, activator and starseed. She tends to show up on your path when you are ready to take your gifts to the next level to step powerfully into your purpose. A go to activator for Hollywood stars, bold entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders who are shaping the future, Jamie supports you in your ascension, activations and reconnecting to your soul family. 

Jamie is the Creator of Starseed Ascension, Co-Creator of the Unleash Your Power Academy and Author of 15 Sacred Ceremonies with Ayahuasca. She has appeared in several guest speaking events and was recently a guest on Busy Phillips is Doing Her Best. She is currently working on a feature film. 



Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Energy Healer, Business Strategy Expert and Best-Selling Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything.  She is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of ASCEND and host of the Visionary Souls Podcast.

Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. Whether leading marketing strategy for conscious companies, hosting transformational retreats, building soul-aligned businesses, training Akashic Facilitators, or architecting the world’s next social community – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions.

Sydney is a sought-after expert in the fields of conscious business, embodiment, energy mastery, authenticity, intuition and leadership. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine. She gratefully resides at home on the island of Hawaii. Her new book “I’m Ascending, Now What?” comes out in 2022 with St. Martin’s Essentials.

Create the world and all the things and ways of being in it that you wish existed.



Amy Solara is a Witch, Mother, and Priestess in Sacred Partnership.

She has been trained in the esoteric arts and the occult by master teachers from all over the world, including Witchcraft & Magic, Astrology, Shamanic Journeying, Tantra Yoga, and Ritual Birth. As an Astrologer, Tarot and Akashic Records reader, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach, she offers her one-on-one clients a holistically soulful approach that is both grounded in the earth/body and connected to the cosmos.


She created the All Souls Flight School as a mystery school for seekers that uses the container of small groups to enhance each individual’s spiritual journey.


As the Founder of the Temple of All Souls, she hopes to make magic and spirituality more accessible for all. Her greatest passion is aiding humans in the rediscovery and remembering of their Divine Self, through holding ceremonies and teaching classes and workshops about magic, meditation, mantra, and movement. 


Instagram: @witchgoddessmama


PsychLicensed psychologist and regression therapist, has been in private practice for more than 40 years. Since 1993, Dr. Backman has guided innumerable individuals in regression hypnotherapy to access their past and between lives. In this way, she assists people to more fully recognize who we are as a soul throughout our many lifetimes and during the time we are not incarnate. Regression hypnotherapy allows the client to understand their soul mission, soul progress, soul relationships, and much more. Dr. Backman’s work, includes guiding soul regressions, speaking and writing as well as training others in soul regression hypnotherapy both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Backman holds a profound commitment to deepening and heightening individual and as well as a more universal understanding and awareness of the path of soul development leading to greater wisdom and acceptance amongst all people and cultures of the world.

Linda studied and co-taught with Dr. Michael Newton, author of the seminal books on Life Between Lives regression therapy, and co-created and served on the Founding Board of the Society for Spiritual Regression (now The Newton Institute) as Membership Chair and President. In 1997, Dr. Backman and her husband, Dr. Earl Backman, established The Ravenheart Center (, a Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to guiding individuals to discover their soul path.

Dr. Backman is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between (, published by Llewellyn Worldwide (2009); The Evolving Soul (Llewellyn 2014); Souls on Earth (Llewellyn 2018), and a frequent guest on numerous radio shows. Linda has earned academic degrees from the University of Oregon, University of North Carolina, and Northern Arizona University.

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Courtney Barr is a Celtic pagan, hedge witch, and apothecary, bridging the mundane and the magical. She has her master’s degree in East Asian medicine and Acupuncture and has also studied with prominent teachers in the areas of Occult Magick, Divination, Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong, Akashic Record Reading, Divination, Yoga, and Astrology. She deeply enjoys blending her studies with her natural intuitive gifts to offer her patients and clients a proprietary healing experience. Along with treating patients, she offers private Intuitive Guidance, Divination, and Akashic Record readings, as well as 1:1 mentorship offering wisdom to empower those wishing to deepen their relationship to divination, low magic, and their psychic gifts.


Internal Explorer & Healer


Rachel Mae Furman has been deeply exploring the internal for the past five years, after leaving two decades of the whirlwind of city life and moving to the small mountain town of Idyllwild. 


Her soul-adventures have taken her from the Sacred Valley of Peru, to the jungles of Costa Rica, to the spiritual towns of India to the remote village of the Dalai Lama. With the guidance of Shamans and healers and sacred plant medicines— Rachel has created and surrendered to her path of Service to the Divine.


Rachel’s soul mission is to guide others back to Divine self love.

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