2/25 @ 5PM PST

Ascending with Energetics and Holistic Nutrition, Angela Harper

The Ascension process can be tough on the physical body.  We become more sensitive to energies as we heal and our vibration increases. This includes how we manage our energy and the food we take in. Angela will speak to energetics, holistic nutrition, how it relates to ascension symptoms and ways that we can nourish the physical body. 

3/4 @ 5PM PST

Soul Origin, Purpose and Ascension. As a soul we come into body on Earth for the simple but not always easy purpose to advance humanity. We also come into body to evolve as a soul. We all have past lives which relates directly to soul origin. There are 3 different types of souls that are created in the Universe. One is a soul created to incarnate primarily on Earth called an Earth-Based Soul. Then there are souls created to incarnate somewhere other than on Earth called Interplanetary Souls. Then there is a third type created to incarnate in the Angelic realm. I'm going to show you how you discover your past lives, how they show up in your current life, and how you know if you are an Earth-Based Soul, an Interplanetary Soul or an Angelic Realm Soul? 

3/14 @ 11AM PST

The author of four books, Patricia has shared her wisdom through writing, speaking and teaching. 

Her fourth book, titled The Other Side of the Door, is a guidebook for connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. A really interesting fact about this book is that she wrote it with her sister after her sister passed. Pat Fero and will speak to her experience connecting with those on the other side and share tools for connecting yourself.



3/25 @ 5PM PST

Light Language Activation with Celestial Shaman, Angelica Grace

Experience the language of light firsthand through body, heart, & soul in this online group light language activation workshop. We will bring through light codes, speaking, signing, moving & drawing. These codes of light activate ancient knowledge & re-pattern programming, supporting us in our personal & planetary ascension. We will discuss what light language is & will use music, body movement & more to tap into the energy. No prior experience with light language is necessary. The workshop is comparable to a combination art class, sound healing experience, & active meditation. Have some paper and colored pens/pencils on hand. A drum and noisemakers are suggested but not required. 


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