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Hi. I am Jamie Vos Love. I channel many beings of light, readings, past lives, activations, light codes, quantum healing and starseed shamanic energy work. I love helping you access or expand your gifts and supporting you along your journey no matter where you are on your ascension timeline. I know the starseed awakening process extremely well (the energy, the gifts, the challenges, the mystical experiences that make us question our sanity sometimes)! Yet, it's true! We just have to ask, listen and trust. Establishing a good relationship with the heart is also key to strengthening our channel. Activations and light codes are essential in this process. 

I often work in the dream space outside of my sessions, or the astrals as some may call it. I help access and build new neural pathways. For me this has helped gain better focus to help make my dreams a reality in places where there was fog before. 

My guides tell me that on the Earth plane I am considered a frequency adjuster, adjusting frequencies ever so slightly to help clear up the channel, to strengthen the connection between people, their guides, light beings and loved ones on the other side. The other purpose of the frequency adjustments are to nullify trigger reactions. When something triggers us, a light frequency within us dims to varying degrees. You adjust the frequency to where that trigger will no longer dim the light in the future. So it’s like taking the work we are already doing internally, and serving as a guide to help channel the new energetic frequency in other people. I serve as a vessel allowing spirit to work through me. Although I facilitate activation of these energies, you ultimately are your own healers and will begin the self healing process. I have been guided to share this information for all who may be called to this work. I love teaching everything I learn, and I love learning from many other guides, healers and teachers both on and off Earth. Always remember, you are your number one guide. Trust what is true for you. Much Love, Jamie Vos Love



Hi! I’m Angelica Grace. I’m a former English teacher turned Celestial Shaman. I have always been a healer, but I didn’t always know it. As a teacher, I used my gifts of intuition and empathy to connect with and guide my students. I sought to initiate my students into greater levels of awareness by teaching them love, compassion and understanding. But as a highly sensitive person, the long days at school coupled with a challenging personal life left me stressed more often than not. I turned to yoga for relief, and after years practicing yoga and meditation, I started teaching yoga, and I experienced a kundalini awakening. From there, my light language emerged, and my life rapidly shifted as more of my latent healing abilities came online and I received training from a variety of spiritual mentors. I help awakening starseeds, energy healers, and lightworkers of all kinds navigate ascension and activate their dormant abilities so they, too, can be of greater service to humanity.

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Linda Backman, Ed. D.

Licensed Psychologist and Regression Therapist 

Psychologist, researcher, author, and hypnotic regression therapist Dr. Linda Backman has been in private practice for over 40 years. Through hypnotic regression, she has guided thousands of clients to access their past lives and the time between lives, helping them to surface and understand the challenges of their souls which are repeated life to life. Dr. Backman regularly conducts training courses on past life and between lives regression. Convinced that our collective
healing has an impact on the evolution of humanity and the unity of all peoples, she has made the understanding of the soul her priority. Linda studied with and co-taught w/Dr. Michael Newton.
Dr. Backman is a frequent guest on radio shows (including Coast to Coast AM w/George Noory), and has been featured as a reincarnation expert on the Dr. Oz program. She frequently
conducts workshops and makes presentations throughout the U.S. and abroad and continues to deepen her understanding of human evolution and consciousness through her ongoing regression practice. Dr. Backman founded the RavenHeart Center in Boulder, Colorado in 1997, where she
regularly teaches the practice of soul regression hypnotherapy to practitioners. She is deeply focused on the development of a universal understanding and awareness of soul evolution. Dr. Backman is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light (Llewellyn, 2009), The Evolving Soul
(Llewellyn, 2014), and Souls on Earth (Llewellyn 2018). Her books have been translated into several languages.


Jane Mayer is a healer who delights in supporting humans and Earth in coming fully alive. She has learned with indigenous wisdom keepers in the mountains of Peru, the Amazon, the Hawaiian Islands, and the forests of Ireland, alongside various lineages of devoted teachers in the Western world.  She works with sound, plant, energy medicine and body-consciousness expansion, alongside her own gifts of sight, sound, feeling and knowing to guide her. She offers healing sessions, ceremony, poetry and music to awaken the holy heart of all humans, and to remind us all of who and what we truly are. 



Andye Murphy is a multidimensional priestess, alchemist, and keeper of the Akashic Records. She leads through light acting as a living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. 


An ancient soul, she is an activator of higher consciousness and deeply committed to the enlightenment of humanity. In 2008 she was reunited with the Egyptian Mystery Teachings and actively lives this tradition as the keys to humanity’s galactic awakening.


For more than a decade Andye served as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, as mentor, healer and reader and is now committed to teaching through the Ascension. 

Andye leads an online mystery school, the Luminous Mysteries, hosts the Cosmic Mama podcast, and teaches soulfully from places of light and remembrance. 

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Terri Sena is an Energy Codes® Certified Facilitator through the Morter Institute trained by Dr. Sue
Morter. She is also a Certified Global Facilitator for The Stargate Experience Academy. Her love of all
things metaphysical began over 20 years ago when she experienced a life changing event causing her to
have a significant personality change, similar to that of a Walk-In. Since that time she has taught
workshops featuring the Mind, Body, Spirit connection helping people become aligned with their Higher
aspects. Additionally, Terri helps run a Western Esoteric Mystery School guiding students on the path of
Light through hermetic teachings of Qabalah, tarot, alchemy and healing.



Amy Solara is a Witch, Mother, and Priestess in Sacred Partnership. She has been trained in the esoteric arts and the occult by master teachers from all over the world, including Witchcraft & Magic, Astrology, Shamanic Journeying, Tantra Yoga, and Ritual Birth. As an Astrologer, Tarot and Akashic Records reader, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach, she offers her clients a holistically soulful approach that is both grounded in the earth/body and connected to the cosmos. Her greatest passion is aiding humans in rediscovering their inner Divine and reclaiming their Power through holding ceremonies and teaching classes and workshops about magic, meditation, mantra, and movement.